Jackpoint: Solena

Splintered State

Chapter 0: Rounded Up

Gained Annie “Imaginary” Goldsmith as a contact.

Note: Party is not responsible for the heist

Wu’s Apartment:
Lua hears a loud knock on the door from Knight Errant. Outside is 2 Knight Errant accompanied with 6 Patrol-men with a warrant for his arrest. Lua opens the door in his underwear putting his hands on his head complying with the arrest.

He is read his rights regarding missing commlinks from a truck in Tocoma and is escort to the station via a Patrol-1.

Bitstorm’s Apartment:
Bitstorm hears a loud knock on the door from Knight Errant. He proceeds to grab his go-bag and leave through the window. After a short while they bust through the door and see he has escaped.

Bitstorm exits from the apartment complex on his Mirage. Seconds later he hears sirens blaring as he is tailed by Knight Errant. They open fire on him with stick-n-shock while Michael succeeds to brick the patrol car. They continue opening fire on him and eventually capture him by disabling his vehicle with road spikes.

Freya’s Motelroom:
Freya hears a loud knock on the door from Knight Errant. Freya attempts to sneak out the window but they hear him. They bust down the door and hold their pistols up at him shouting, “Freeze!” After a cursory observation and feeble attempt at persuasion, Freya decides to surrender and is escorted to the station.

Dinilo’s Place:
Tsura hears a loud knock on the door from Knight Errant. Tsura then asks, “Are you bugs?” Not having time for such shenanigans the Knight Errant continue to follow protocol by attempting to apprehend the target.

Tsura disappears from sight but is revealed from a carefully aimed Astral Powder. She mentions she will come along as long as there are no bugs. Knight Errant assure she will be safe and escort her to the station.

Downtown Station:
After a strenuous interrogation of the entire party they are all sent to lock-up. After they have a little time to become acquainted they hear the clang of one of the security doors in the hallway.

Story Blurb:
’You’ve been sweating in lock-up for a while without access to a phone call or your lawyer; in other words, the world is still turning. Just as you’re starting to seriously worry that, in the ultimate irony, you might actually go down for a crime you didn’t even commit, you hear the clang of one of the security doors in the hallway, and the sound of the KE detectives bickering with a hot-headed female attorney. You hear the phrases “warrant,” “wrongful arrest,” “probable cause,” “putative identification,” and “unlawful questioning without legal counsel.”

Then a begrudging and bewildered-looking uniformed officer unlocks the cage door, and a short, smiling woman in a grey, pinstriped business suit strides past him. The cops almost seem scared of the tiny little norm chica. She’s cute and slight, with short, neon-orange hair and a dusting of freckles. She looks all of fourteen, but starts talking like a high-speed robot built for dispensing rapid-fire legal jargon: “Hey, just so you guys know, I just told them they have to put you before a lineup, get the prosecutor to formally press charges, or let you go, or I’m gonna have their gonads for wrongful arrest and violation of your rights as UCAS citizens. You may be far from the forty-eight-hour deadline, but they really screwed the pooch on this one, and privatized rent-a-cops don’t get blanket protection under Qualified Immunity statutes.”

You’re not sure you followed all of that, or any of it, when she presents you with her card (an ARO, naturally). It reads “Imaginary” Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire.’

Imaginary proceeds to explain that she will meet the party at the local soycafe in exactly 1 hour.

The party arrives and speaks to Imaginary who talks about a third party contact (i.e. Johnson) that has a job for them if they are interested. She hands them a matchbook emblazoned with the logo of a bar called Banshee in the Barrens, with a commlink number scrawled on it in ballpoint ink, along with a time, underlined: 7pm.

After the meet they are contacted via commlink message detailing that she has a different job for them and to put that one on hold for the meantime.



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